PTE courses with CILL and some FAQs

CILL has the longest experience in providing PTE training in Bangladesh. Our PTE programs are run under Syed Wasi, Bangladesh’s most reputed and experienced PTE trainer who secured 90 out of 90 in PTE on his first attempt. Syed Wasi has also conducted PTE training for the PTE test center in Bangladesh for the longest period of time since its launch in the beginning of 2016. Our PTE courses are designed to suit learners of all types with different language skills. We conduct an assessment before any intake to make sure that every candidate is getting the best as per their potential.

We provide the following courses for PTE:

  1. Regular course: two-month long course. 16 sessions plus with two mock tests. 7-day study room facility with trainer support from 6 pm to 8 pm.
  2. Short course:   one-month long course. 12 sessions with two mock tests. 7-day study room facility with trainer support from 6 pm to 8 pm.
  3. Unlimited Sessions (Full membership): This offer is suitable for learners who have weaknesses in English and therefore there is a gap between their current language skill and the target score. Facilities offered under this membership: PTE sessions: unlimited (until target score is achieved), Other language courses (for language improvement): Speaking, Grammar and Writing, Basic English, 7-day study room facility with trainer support from 6 pm to 9 pm.
  4. One-on-One training: This is a special package for one person to achieve their target score within a short period of time. It is done in 6/12/24 sessions based on learner’s level and needs.
  5. 6-day PTE workshop for candidates who are good in English and want a quick preparation on PTE.

Call this number to know more: 01610107213

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding PTE

By Syed Wasi

We, as PTE training providers, often come across lots of questions from our learners that keep them puzzled in many respects. In order to solve a few common confusions with respect to PTE, we have created these FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: It depends on your current language skill and your seriousness during practice. If you have already scored 6+ in IELTS, then there is a good chance.
Answer: That's probably because- A. They have a language gap as opposed to their target score. B. They haven't taken enough time for preparation regarding techniques and approaches. Or they did not do it seriously. C. Sheer bad luck (rare, only 5%) 4. Can I reach my goal over night or in a very short time? Answer: NO. People, even after having a good language skill, fall short of score even in PTE mostly because they are in a big hurry; sprinting to take the test in a few days. The thing is- you must understand all the technical parts of PTE, practice accordingly, take a few mock tests, and then sit for the main test.
Answer:Not Really! You should use a normal voice pitch that can be clearly recorded by the microphone. In case you natural voice is too low, you can try raising it a bit. But don’t be too loud while reading or giving speech.
Answer: NO. In fact, this will cost you marks. You will lose marks in fluency if you speak too fast. REMEMBER: your examiner is a computer, not a human. The device has to take clear intake of your speech for marking. So speaking at a moderate pace is best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Once you have made up your mind for PTE, DO NOT even think of going back to IELTS (you must see it as your ex girl friend or boy friend). If you cannot score 7 (65) in PTE, then there is no way you can get the same in IELTS.
Answer: Some candidates speak too loudly but this is not going to interrupt your recording if you click "next" within half a second after completion of your speech/reading.
Answer:NO! Adjust the volume to a level that gives comfort to your ears. Too loud audio won't help you as it will keep hurting your ears, and thus damaging your brain function.